Elliot is my go-to colleague for cases involving estate litigation. He has a great legal mind for picking out the issues in a case and telling you what will work and what won’t. I have never had a client that I referred to him come back and complain about his representation. On the contrary, they praised his work and felt they were fairly charged for what he did. He always looks for ways to settle a case fairly rather than go to court. Now you know why Elliot is my go-to guy and has been for years.

— Thomas Cadwallader, Esquire,

Elliot Mark Olen of Olen Law has been my attorney for 34 years. I first contacted him in1990 to represent Air Tectonics that I owned with my partner on a 50/50 basis. We were young and new to the legal business world.

Elliot was a steadfast advisor to our firm. He protected our company. He protected us. He provided us with legal ways to collect moneys due us from the largest companies we did business that included class AAA billion dollar firms.

His advise was sound and in our best interest. He guided us to engage in legal actions when it made sense and when we had a high probability of success; and advised us when not to, as the risk reward was not in our best interest..

I am not sure what your experience has been dealing with attorneys, but many attorneys engage in actions that benefit them and not necessarily their clients. I have experienced both and I am delighted to say Elliot has put his integrity first and his fees second.

If you are lucky to find this kind of person, you are doing well. Elliot Olen is the kind of person you would do well to have him represent you. I am retired now but I still rely on Elliott’s for his counsel.

— Rick Galie,

We build homes, and perform other construction work. Elliot has provided legal services to us for almost 30 years. He handled negotiations with the owner for us to develop a 12 residential unit development (in Old City). He handled Mechanics Lien Claim and other Civil issues as well. Elliot was prompt, diligent, and cost effective. I would highly recommend him for legal services involving any Real Estate or Business matter (Contract, Transaction or Litigation related); without reservation.

— David Horlacher,

Managing Member, DCH Contractors LLC

Elliot tried and won a case for us involving an unpaid oral business loan. He needed to prove that loan was not an investment. Also, that a company, its owner and his ex-wife each owed the entire. Elliot pulled out all the stops, and presented the case just right to achieve maximum results. We have also used him for other matters. We found him to be fair, knowledgeable, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend Attorney Olen to handle any business or civil business, or civil litigation matter

— Terry Trexler,

President, Donner Financial Group, LLC

Elliot Mark Olen has been the Attorney for the Harris Comfort Companies for over 30 years. The length of the relationship demonstrates our happiness with the representation he has provided to us (ranging from Contract to Real Estate transactions, and many other Business matters including Civil Litigation). We highly recommend him to any business or related matters.”

— Bruce Q. Harris,

Officer and Principal, Harris Fuels, Inc./Harris Comfort LLC/Harris LP LLC