My husband passed away suddenly in middle age. We had 3 school age daughters. I had little financial experience. Sadly, my husband’s death left me (among other things) with 2 major/legal related problems.

First, a country-wide bank wanted hundreds of thousands of dollars from me that I never borrowed! It was an obligation of my husband’s. I needed money to keep things going. I wanted to refinance my home, but could not because of the bank. I was unable to sell my home for the same reason. The rest of my husband’s Estate was tied up in a Real Estate holding company (see problem #2). The Executor of my husband’s Estate would not help. Elliot got him replaced, then filed a lawsuit on my behalf. He got the bank to accept a 1 year total deferred payment. Repayment was limited to a minor fraction of the amount borrowed.

Second, my late husband’s brother took control and possession of a large commercial property located in Philadelphia (owned by a company), half owned by my late husband’s Estate and his brother, by a Company my late husband and his brother co-owned. Again, the Executor of my husband’s Estate would not help. Over a year of negotiating and then winning a Trial totaling 4 years of fighting fully established my rights. The Estate got most of the proceeds and distributed it to me soon after Trial.

Elliot helped me through 4 difficult years & 2 Federal District Court and Philadelphia Commerce Court proceedings (plus Bucks County Orphans Court litigation to get rid of the unhelpful Executor). Elliot understood my dilemma, and worked to meet my financial constraints. He devoted great effort and enthusiasm to the cases, and got great outcomes.

“I would highly recommend Elliot to handle any Estate/Orphans Court, Real Estate or Business related dispute.”

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— Geraldine Roland,