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shaking hands partnership tax lawyer and real estate agentIn today’s volatile real estate market, you need more than just a realtor to protect you. You need an experienced commercial real estate attorney who understands the legal significance of each agreement — from the listing agreement to the final closing. The best offense is a good defense. Plan ahead for undisclosed defects, whether buying or leasing. Know the key points in negotiating any real estate transaction. If a dispute arises, we can help you resolve it in or out of court.

Taking On A Broad Spectrum Of Real Estate Issues

At the Olen Law Office, real estate attorney Elliot Mark Olen has more than 30 years of experience assisting businesses and individual clients in legal matters involving residential real estate as well as commercial and industrial property transactions and disputes, including:

Contact our Bucks County real estate lawyer for representation in any residential or commercial real estate matter.

Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

  • Financing and title insurance We offer streamlined legal services during financing or refinancing and provides title inspection and title insurance.
  • Purchase agreements and sale agreements — We protect our clients’ interests, whether buyers or sellers, by negotiating comprehensive and legally binding purchase and sale agreements, ensuring appropriate disclosures are received.
  • Eviction — An increasingly common legal need involves the eviction of tenants from business, commercial and residential property. We represent landlords seeking to evict tenants.
  • Nondisclosure of defects — If you’ve purchased a property plagued by construction defects that were undisclosed at the time of sale or lease, you have legal recourse. Real estate attorney Elliot Mark Olen can represent you in business litigation to recover damages for your losses and needed repairs.
  • Due diligence — Make sure the property you are considering has the tenant leases and mix you need. And make sure you have protection if it changes.

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To schedule an appointment, contact us in the Oxford Valley area of Bucks County today by calling 215-943-5343. We are able to conduct business online to better suit your business needs. We accept major credit cards.

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Practice Areas

  • Organize single purpose single asset limited liability entity
  • Assist businesses that traditionally own, manage and/or operate businesses.
  • Negotiate, prepare and close lease of  industrial, commercial, and residential real estate.
  • Condominium document preparation and review for units and Associations.
  • Title insurance and title objection clearance/quiet title.
  • Mortgage satisfaction and subordination.
  • Lease assignment and assumption/sublease.
  • Eviction and ejectment.
  • Mechanics Liens.
  • Easements and adverse possession.
  • License and use agreements.
  • Confession of Judgment – possession.
  • Construction defects.
  • Concealed defects.
  • Ordinance violations.
  • Landlord and tenant