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professional lawyer advising a client on commercial contract legal in service officeAt the Olen Law Office, we guide business owners through the process of starting, building, and maintaining a business. Whether this is your first venture or you already have a successful business that you want to expand, we can help. We can secure your assets, limit your exposure, navigate insurance options, and create proactive solutions to business problems generally.  We assist you in implementing standardized handling of personnel, vendors, customers, etc. We offer guidance in structuring intra-company matters and affiliations. We integrate your site needs with the other elements of your business.

Attorney Elliot Mark Olen has provided sound legal advice, creative problem-solving, and aggressive litigation representation at a fair price to companies across Bucks County, among others in the region and beyond. We assist women and other minorities in applying for bid preferences, but we provide all business services to them and of course we provide representation to all manner of clients. We serve a diverse clientele, representing businesses in a wide range of fields.

Taking On The Complete Range Of Commercial Legal Issues

When our attorney handling your business legal matters is given the opportunity, he will provide you with guidance including document revision or preparation if needed, to comply with the many statutory and contractual requirements. Even with one employee, an Employment Agreement may be needed. If not, surely a Memorandum of Understanding, Confidentiality Agreement, etc. becomes important. You similarly need contracts with your vendors, sub-contractors, suppliers, etc. Finally owners need agreements among themselves over many things, including what happens when a multi-shareholder of a business dies or becomes disabled, or the owners just cannot get along or are being oppressed.

Litigation: Disputes can overwhelm a company’s operations. Internal strife, finger pointing, issue evasion – all these can arise in the context of business disputes. We will work diligently to effectively and economically achieve your legal and business goals when disputes arise as they inevitably will. However, we are also conscious of the need for costs to bear a reasonable relationship of the significance of the matter in dispute. We can see the forest for the trees.

Disputes between business owners: These disputes can not only tear a business apart, but could lead to significant financial adversity. Beware if you do not document an arrangement in advance. We can still help after the fact. We offer you alternative remedies.  Whether or not you have advance protection, with us on your side be confident we will protect your rights. With us on your side, you can be confident your needs and rights will be forcefully asserted to accomplish your goals.

The sale or purchase of a business: The sale or purchase of a company (or major assets from it) is a major transaction that will have many implications going forward. Do you want set-offs or claw-backs if buyers grow unhappy? What if the key man in a business dies unexpectedly? Should it be an asset sale or a stock purchase type arrangement? What form of entity to use? Will a seller stay on to help a buyer? May a seller compete with a buyer? This is just scratching the surface. We can help you avoid pitfalls along the way, preferably by addressing each concern in advance.

Although we represent non-union businesses of every sort, we take pride in representing women and minorities in business. We can help them to obtain bid preferences, and also address all legal issues associated with their business.

Partial List of Services

  • Business start-ups
  • Funding, operation, and management arrangements
  • Personnel arrangements – employees and independent  conractors
  • Personnel policy manuals
  • Prohibited  Competition agreements (confidentiality, trade secrets,  poaching, solicitation, disparagement, etc.).
  • Purchase, sale, lease and option contracts – real estate and personal property
  • Bills of Sale
  • Asset and Stock Acquisition Agreements
  • Purchase options and Rights of first refusal
  • Release and Termination agreements
  • Warranties and guarantees
  • Business Sale Due Diligence
  • Securitize assets
  • Indemnity claims.
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Trade Secrets.
  • Business Divorce & Ownership Disputes
  • Women and Minorities in Business
  • Collect and defend miscellaneous civil claims
  • Certified WBE Business Licenses
  • WBENC Certified Women Business
  • Personnel & Vendor Contracts
  •  Licensing, Distribution,  Management and Franchise Agreements
  • Enter, Open, defend and prosecute Confession of Judgment
  • Secured Transactions

We understand the serious nature of both proper business planning and aggressive business litigation. We have the tools at hand to further the former and prepare the latter.

Your business venture is important to you and us. Our staff will provide legal advice and representation designed to protect you and keep your business running smoothly.

Contact our Law Firm To Discuss Your Company’s Needs

If you have further questions regarding any of our practice areas, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. To better suit your needs, we are able to conduct business online and we accept all major credit cards at the Olen Law Office. We can be reached by calling 215-943-5343 or by completing our online contact form.

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