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If you’re looking to start a business, hiring a lawyer should be high on your list of necessities. If you plan operating or being involved in a Pennsylvania related business, consulting a Pennsylvania business attorney, UP FRONT, is the key to a good start. Any lawyer can Pro Forma get you registered to do business in PA., and out of state businesses can register to do business in PA. (and may be required to). The KEY is to hire a knowledgeable lawyer in advance, to help at a minimum with the start-up decisions. At Olen Law Office, your business is our business! The Olen Law Office is a suburban Philadelphia area law firm centered just across Route 1 from the Oxford Valley Mall and Sesame Place, in the Oxford Valley Area of Fairless Hills, Bucks County).

Why settle for a slapdash product from an Internet service, or lawyer inexperienced in the nuances of start-ups, when you can get assistance from  counsel with 40 years under his belt. Consult only? No problem? Soup to nuts, no problem. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, reasonably priced, services. Unlike many larger firms, you will not get shuffled off to a paralegal or young attorney. See what we can do for your business needs at the Olen Law Office in Bucks County.

See If you have already decided what you want to do, by using the 21 questions below as an outline. 

Start-Up Decisions For Pa. 1 owner LLC’s, the documentation is fairly limited. But some business set-ups require more legal formality.  It depends on many things. Here are several consideration to integrate. If need be use the below outline to negotiate preliminary concepts before turning to a layer.

1.  The number of “owners” involved

2. Whether they are equal owners.

3.  If a company or investors are an owner

4.  If there are loans to fund the business (especially owner loans to the     business, or owner guarantees of other owner loans or other obligations).

5. If and how owner debt is or can be secured?

6. How owner debt is repayable and on what other terms?

7. If and how outside debt is, can and/or be secured?

8. If salary or operational agreements, personnel agreements, and/or customer agreements are needed or desirable.

9. How to protect against “poaching” of customers or personnel, by past or present personnel or subcontractors.

10. How to safeguard your proprietary materials.

11. How to avoid personal owner exposure.

12. What owners must do work-wise, and how will they be compensated?

13. What controls are in place to protect minority owners?

14. What happens on death or disability of an owner? A working owner?

15. How to handle deadlocks?

16. How to interrelate real estate ownership or lease rights if the tenant and owner are not the same?

17. Who hires and fires?

18. Who sets non-owner wages?

18. What are the company conduct rules?

19. How to handle violators?

20. Who sets prices?

21. Who controls purchases and leases?

At the Olen Law Office, we can guide you through each step, and answer your questions related to, this process. That way you will understand the legal process for start-ups and what to do going forward.  And we can grow with you, as dozens of Bucks County and other Pa. businesses have done with our help.

Or, if you have had enough, we can help you with a sale of your business or its assets and/or its’ winding down. And if things do not work out, we can provide options to end the dispute. If necessary, in a lawsuit.

We hope this has been helpful. Your feedback is always welcome at the Olen Law Office in Bucks County, Pa.

Please contact our office, now, to schedule a consultation or engage us to provide an organizational or other business law matter.

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