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  • How to Maximize Your Small Business’s Value when Selling

    08 January 2021

    Many small business owners are counting on the profitable sale of their business to an interested buyer in order to fund their retirement income. It is common for business owners to over inflate their business’s value as this number is really only a good estimate of future business value at […]

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  • Why you should have a Real Estate Lawyer

    18 December 2020

    Property like a house and land happens to be among the most valued assets by most people. Therefore, the process of acquiring a house, land, or both are often treated with great diligence. The law of real property regulates the transactions that involve acquiring or selling the mentioned properties. Further, […]

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  • Buying a Business? Why You Need a Lawyer

    11 December 2020

    Businesses are one of the top ways through which a majority of individuals earn their livelihood. Therefore, buying and selling businesses is part and parcel of contributing towards a healthy and competitive economy. One strategy that contributes to building a competitive economy is; business owners can sell their businesses whenever […]

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  • How to protect yourself as a Landlord during COVID-19

    28 November 2020

    Landlords have been some of the hardest hit professionals during this year’s pandemic. They have lost millions of dollars from unpaid rents and extended vacancies. These men and women also have to face a new regulatory environment with the laws passed by the federal government to deal with the pandemic. […]

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