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  • How to Prepare for Real Estate Mediation

    24 July 2020

    Real estate is one of the most common investments that someone can make. Whether you own a commercial property or simply your own home, protecting this real estate is important. If you feel that another party is taking an action that impacts your assets, fixing the issues is very important. […]

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  • Short Sales and Foreclosures

    17 July 2020

    Deciding whether to put your home up for sale or allowing a foreclosure process to go through can be a difficult decision. There are implications to both, and they always include cutting losses or reducing tax obligations. This dilemma is common when a home owner is facing financial distress and […]

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  • 4 Things To Know Before You Sell A House

    14 July 2020

    When you get ready to sell your house, there will be plenty of details to take care of along the way. Since this will be one of the most important and largest business transactions you will ever take part in during your lifetime, it is crucial you not allow certain […]

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  • Real Estate Transfer Taxes in Bucks County PA

    10 July 2020

    If you are buying or selling a home, property or a business in Bucks County, PA, it is imperative that you understand your obligations regarding transfer taxes. The state of Pennsylvania imposes transfer taxes when the title of a property is passed from the seller to the buyer.  Experienced Bucks […]

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  • Important Things To Know When Trying To Buy A Home During The Pandemic

    03 July 2020

    Up until recently, the home-buying process was somewhat straightforward when it came to visiting properties, meeting with real estate agents, and finalizing paperwork. However, all that changed with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of this public health crisis, many aspects of the home-buying process have changed […]

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