Legal Resources To Grow Your Business

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You’re a business owner in Yardley, and it’s important to know what legal resources are available to you. In order to run a successful business, you have to comply with several state and federal laws. You also need to know what is required legally in terms of employment, contracts, and intellectual property.

It can sound overwhelming but don’t worry. You can consult a Bucks County business attorney to help you navigate it. Also, there are small business owner resources available. Some of these resources include government agencies, non-profit organizations, legal clinics, and online legal research tools. Using these resources can help you make sure your business isn’t breaking any laws, can help protect you from legal issues, and help you grow your business.

Legal Resources for Your Business

While a business attorney in Bucks County PA can help you understand the business and legal resources you have available, this list is a good starting point. This list has several business and legal resources to help you start, maintain, and grow your business in Pennsylvania.

Small Business Administration (SBA)

The SBA is a government agency that provides resources and assistance to small businesses. They offer legal guidance and advice on topics such as forming your business, contracts, and intellectual property.

Pennsylvania Business One-Stop Shop

This is a great resource for Pennsylvania business owners. The Pennsylvania Business One Stop Shop offers small business assistance that helps business owners in Pennsylvania through all stages of creating their businesses. This includes planning, operations, expansion, and more. They also put out a publication called The Entrepreneur’s Guide that has a ton of information about how to start and grow your business in Pennsylvania. 


SCORE is a non-profit organization that provides free business mentoring services to entrepreneurs. They can connect you with legal experts who can advise you on various legal matters.

Local Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs)

SBDCs provide free or low-cost consulting services to small businesses. They can connect you with legal professionals who specialize in business law.

State and Local Bar Associations

Your state or local bar association, like the Pennsylvania Bar Association, can help you find an attorney who specializes in business law. They can also provide legal referrals and resources.

Legal Clinics

Many law schools and community organizations offer legal clinics that provide free or low-cost legal services to small businesses.

Partnerships for Regional Economic Performance

This is a great resource that helps small business owners start off on the right foot. Partnerships for Regional Economic Performance offers workshops, online training, counseling, and other resources to help you start your small business.

How Olen Law Office Can Help

It’s important to seek legal guidance early on in your business journey to avoid costly legal problems down the road. Consulting with a Yardley business attorney can help make sure you are in compliance with all laws and regulations relevant to your business. Navigating the legal aspects of owning and operating a business in Yardley can be challenging. However, there are many business and legal resources to help you. These resources can help small business owners stay informed about local, state, and federal business laws, get help opening and maintaining their businesses, and set their businesses on the road to success. Trust Olen Law Office as your main legal resource to grow your business. Call us today at 215-943-5343 to get started.