How to choose the right Real Estate Attorney

real estate attorney

A real estate attorney, by definition, is someone who focuses on transactions pertaining to real estate. If you are in Bucks county, ideally, your Bucks County real estate lawyer will have several years of experience in dealing with real estate law and may have worked with hundreds of clients and other experienced attorneys. If you are a buyer of residential real estate, then you may want to deal with a Bucks County real estate attorney who specializes in homes and condominiums, not someone with expertise in estate planning. Likewise, if you think you will need to file a lawsuit against a builder for violation of terms, then an attorney specializing in litigating disputes is your best bet.

Different states have different laws regarding what a real estate attorney can do. In some states, these attorneys are a regular part of a real estate transaction. Even in states where they are not required typically, their involvement is crucial for complex transactions, should that transaction go awry. Structuring the deal will save time and money as well as headaches for the buyers.

What does a Real Estate Lawyer Bucks County do?

Depending on the client’s needs and state of residence, a real estate attorney Bucks County will become involved in negotiating the deal, reviewing the sales contract, checking for compliance with specified terms and conditions, performing a title search, checking for the title’s authenticity, overseeing the transaction process and much else. If there are liens or encumbrances on the property, the Fairless Hills PA real estate attorney will alert the clients and explain the consequences of having a lien. In case of a contract dispute, the real estate lawyer Fairless Hills PA will represent the client, during and after the closing.

Furthermore, the attorney will assist the client in complicated matters surrounding the real estate. He or she will review and fix any legal claims, like unpaid medical bills, that are made against the property during the buying process. The attorney will resolve problems with the title, such as a driveway being shared with a neighbor but not mentioned in the title document. Need help reviewing community interest development documents, like HOA or CC&Rs? You will need an Olen Law Office real estate attorney for this. Need to structure a personal loan from a friend or colleague? Hire a real estate attorney to ease the payment process. What about purchasing a property jointly with someone and requiring to draft a co-buyer agreement? The real estate attorney will come in handy here as well.

Choosing the Right Real Estate Attorney

If you are not being careful in choosing a real estate attorney for probably one of the most expensive transactions of your lifetime, you may end up with someone who has plenty of time at their disposal. Similarly, if you are tempted to receive the service of the cheapest attorney from the cost comparison tool, it will end up costing more in other ways. Paying the attorney by the hour is only worthwhile if the attorney is a seasoned one.

Otherwise, the many hours and days that the attorney spends will be spent on doing just the researching of the real estate laws. Whatever the terms of payment are, it is important to have a written agreement with your attorney. That agreement will specify a number of things, such as what the attorney is expected to do within the given time frame, and when the attorney gets paid.

Finding the right real estate attorney is a matter of asking advice from friends, family, and other professionals. Then, you need to interview three to five attorneys. Paying a highly regarded attorney for an initial consultation is always better than interviewing half a dozen real estate interns. Additionally, get and check references for the one you plan to hire.

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