Why you should have a Real Estate Lawyer

real estate lawyer

Property like a house and land happens to be among the most valued assets by most people. Therefore, the process of acquiring a house, land, or both are often treated with great diligence. The law of real property regulates the transactions that involve acquiring or selling the mentioned properties. Further, understanding the law of real property can be challenging, especially where one lacks legal knowledge. Therefore once you identify the property you wish to acquire, it is vital that you consult a competent Bucks County real estate lawyer for insights on the legal framework of real property

Reasons why you should have a Bucks County real estate attorney: 

Peruse legal documents 

Agreements are part and parcel of a real estate transaction for both the buyer and seller. Most real estate buy/sell agreements are drafted per standard forms, leaving behind some very important aspects of a real estate transaction. Working with our real estate lawyer Bucks County can save you the frustrations of dealing with agreements that have not factored in real estate aspects relevant to your transaction. For example, an agreement that is the product of a standard form might fail to include repairs in instances where the subject property requires some. Our real estate attorney Bucks County will ensure that after an inspection has been conducted on the property, any defects on the property are repaired before progressing the transaction. 

Protection of your investment 

As the buyer or seller of a house or land, you should know that some complications concerning the property or the transaction might arise afterward. Buyers often end up disadvantaged when they realize that the property they just purchased can’t serve particular purposes after closing. For example, if you purchased a house with intent to alter it, our real estate attorney Bucks County will advise you on the legal framework regulating such alterations. In general, an attorney’s work is to conduct due diligence on the property to ensure that a clean title passes to you and that you can eventually enjoy a property free of both patent and latent defects. 

Peace of mind 

As a buyer or seller, most of the parties you will encounter during a property transaction have their main focus on the proceeds of the sale and not the buyer or seller’s interests. Parties like brokers and lenders are dependent on a successful transaction for them to be able to earn. Therefore without legal representation, a party like a buyer might end up making decisions that might finally hinder the enjoyment of the property. Our real estate lawyer Fairless Hills PA understands what a confusing situation dealing with both lenders and brokers can cause you. Therefore with the aid of our attorney, you will receive the right legal counsel as regards property so that you can eventually make an informed decision. With our attorney’s help, you get to enjoy your peace of mind throughout the transaction, knowing full well that all the transaction’s vital issues have been addressed. 

Working with our Fairless Hills PA real estate attorney 

Purchasing real property is a lifetime investment that calls for great diligence during the transaction process. In the same regard, purchasing real property is not cheap as some people have to deplete their life-savings just to purchase a house. For this reason, the laws of real property are extensive as they tend to cover all the important aspects of a real estate transaction right from the pre-contract stage until closing. These laws come filled with lots of legal jargon that might be difficult to understand. Our Fairless Hills PA real estate attorney from Olen Law Office has extensive knowledge and experience on issues of real property, and they can answer any questions or concerns about real estate. 

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