Buying a Business? Why You Need a Lawyer

lawyer with his client

Businesses are one of the top ways through which a majority of individuals earn their livelihood. Therefore, buying and selling businesses is part and parcel of contributing towards a healthy and competitive economy. One strategy that contributes to building a competitive economy is; business owners can sell their businesses whenever the need arises. As an entrepreneur looking to venture into business, at times, the best decision is to buy an already existing business. Buying and selling of businesses are at times complicated, especially where you venture out on your own. To protect your interest and to safeguard your investment, it is crucial that you consult our Business attorneys Bucks County from Olen Law Office for an in-depth understanding of agreements and contractual agreements relevant to the process of buying a business. 

Working with a Business attorney in Bucks County from Olen Law Office 

Buying a Business in Bucks County is a big step for anyone, and if it happens to be in a completely new niche, the future might look scary for you. Having a solid foundation for your soon to be business can help materialize some of your goals early. Our business attorneys Bucks County PA have comprehensive experience in real-life business experience and the legal framework that can help you create a business structure aimed at growing your business positively. Therefore before you progress with buying any business, please reach out to our Business lawyer in Fairless Hills for guidance on the entire purchase process.  

What can a Business attorney in Fairless Hills PA do to help?

Our clients’ interests come first in our practice. Hence the services we offer don’t end at the buying stage. We derive satisfaction in our practice through the success stories that our client’s businesses eventually become. Hence our attorneys are always ready to help a client with their business transactions and arbitration or litigation throughout the business’s life term. 

Buying a Business in Bucks County, here are some of the reasons why you need a lawyer: 

Drafting letters of offer 

The process of purchasing a business entails making an offer to the business owner. Our attorneys can help draft competent letters of offer that can give you an upper hand against other prospective buyers. 

Drafting buy/sell agreements and contracts 

Buy/sell agreements are a vital part of buying a business. It is in agreements that all terms of the buying process are recorded. Subsequently, agreements have a legal framework that regulates how they are drafted and the agreement’s ingredients that will finally constitute a valid contract. Having drafted several agreements throughout our practice, our attorneys have all the experience required to ensure that your agreement/contract meets the standards of a valid contract. 

Reviewing of documents 

The process of buying a business often involves documents from multiple parties. The seller will most likely, send a counteroffer if they are not agreeable to your offer. In the same regard, the seller might choose to be the one to draft the seller agreement. For such documents to meet your interests, it is always crucial that they are reviewed by a competent party like our Business attorneys Bucks County PA to ensure that the documents’ contents reflect your interests. 


Our attorneys are aware of the value a business holds to you. Therefore, while we ensure all the documentation is in order, our attorneys can also help negotiate the buying price to allow you to acquire the business at a favorable consideration. 

You need to note that there are different types of businesses; hence unique legal knowledge is required to oversee the successful transfer of ownership. Our Business lawyer in Fairless Hills PA, is equipped with diverse knowledge in various business law fields; hence, they can help buy any type of business.