Buying a House? 5 Things You Should Know!

buying a house

Are you planning on buying a home? It’s a good idea to call on the aid and counsel of real estate lawyers in Fairless Hills PA. Here’s a handy list of 5 things you should know before you commit to the purchase of a home:

  • Always make sure that the realtor you are dealing with is certified, well documented, and well regarded.
  • Always remember that buying a house means committing to a long-term mortgage.
  • Try to imagine what your health and income status will be like down the line. If you think your circumstances may be the same, buy the home. If different, consider buying another property.
  • If you are married when you buy a home and then get divorced, the laws in your state will dictate how your assets are treated. If you buy a home with someone who you are not married to, you’ll need an agreement that regulates such issues as the title, mortgage payments, repairs, and the rental or sale of the property. A Fairless Hills real estate law firm can help negotiate this agreement.
  • When it comes to legal and financial dealings involving your home, you should always have a lawyer to witness and advise you. If you get divorced or separate from a significant other who is not your spouse, you should always have legal aid to call upon in case your former partner refuses to honor your previous agreement.

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