Foreclosure vs Short Sale

foreclosure vs for sale

If you have had trouble making your mortgage payments, you may be faced with some unpleasant alternatives. Your bank may decide to foreclose upon your home or conduct a short sale in order to recover the money that you owe them. If this occurs, you will not only lose your home but also sustain serious long-term damage to your credit rating.

What Are Foreclosures and Short Sales?

During the foreclosure process, your lender will take over the ownership of your property and then evict you. The property will then usually be sold at an auction or by real estate agents. Going through this process will put a serious dent in your credit score.

A short sale is sometimes conducted as an alternative to foreclosure. This is because it reduces any additional fees and costs for both you and your lender. The hit that you will take to your credit score will usually be much less than if you went through the full foreclosure process. However, there is a great deal more paperwork that will need to be filled out.

How Can Fairless Hills PA Real Estate Lawyers Help You?

These are not alternatives that you want to face on your own. A firm of experienced real estate lawyers can examine your options and help you choose the best route to take in order to keep your home.

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