The Olen Law Offices: What You Need To Show When You Are Selling A Property In Bucks County, PA 

selling a property

Selling a property can be challenging. That happens when you do not have your information in order. You need to have full disclosure or your property is going to remain on the market, for an indefinite period of time. According to an experienced real estate attorney in Bucks County, you need to notify any potential buyers of these five things.

1) According to a Bucks County commercial real estate lawyer, you need to disclose if there is any lead-based paint in your home. That happens a lot with some of the older houses on the market. Was the house built before 1978? You need to sign a disclosure agreement about the lead-based paint. There is no way around it. This applies to those who already know about the issue. You may not know about lead-based paint in your home, at the time of the sale. That is the one exception to the rule.

2) You need to tell potential buyers if your area has had pest infestation problems. Your home might not be the target, but you still need to tell them. It may dissuade the person from buying and it might not. The point is, you need to tell them.

3) Is there any emotional defects in your home, including a suicide or murder? You need to tell the buyer. That becomes part of the Bucks County real estate transaction files. You may frighten away some of the buyers, but you need to let them know.

4) You need to let your buyers know about foundation issues. The home might not be safe to live in. You may need to make some repairs before you place it on the market. You might be in a hurry to sell, but you cannot leave this information out.

5) You need to tell potential buyers about disputes with the neighbors or any boundary-crossing problems. The problem might be small to you, but it could be a big deal to a potential buyer.

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