When Should An Estate Plan Be Updated?

estate plan

Estate plans should be reviewed

The timing of an estate plan review is ultimately up to the individual. PA estate planning is generally recommended every three years, depending on ones personal circumstances. A life of event of significance could affect your estate plans significantly. That being said, an estate planning lawyer can help you make the necessary changes to your estate plan. Any event that alters how you plan to delegate your assets or changes your family circumstances would qualify as a significant life event.

Who to turn to?

A Philadelphia estate planning lawyer can offer the expert advice you are looking for. The needs of a family can fluctuate greatly. These fluctuations are based both on temporary circumstances or on a more permanent circumstance change. An estate planning attorney can benefit any one, by identifying changes you aren’t aware of and the best strategy to meet your needs.

Why who matters

A PA estate planning expert can ensure you have not over looked any new state’s legal requirements. Minimizing cost and taxes for any estate plan is needed in today’s ever changing world of regulations and rising tax rates. Additionally, an estate planning attorney is an experienced expert that will walk you through all aspects of your current estate plan and how particular improvements can help your estate plan meet the needs of your family.

Protect your estate and final wishes

A qualified estate planning lawyer will know how to help you build a strategy to ensure your estate is cared for an managed properly if you become incapacitated. Also, your loved ones will be grateful for any guidance you can offer them upon your death. Updating your estate plan with an estate planning lawyer can help you choose who to designate the difficult decisions to.

A Philadelphia estate planning lawyer will provide details that will assist with your choice of who will make financial and medical decisions on your behalf, in the event you are unable to do so yourself.