Lost Wills

If you had a valid will at one time, but that will is now lost, then you should consider having another will prepared. This will help ensure that your loved ones do not have issues after you pass away. Fairless Hills PA estate planning lawyers can help you develop an updated will that will address your concerns.

What happens when you lose your will?
If a will cannot be located after a good faith search following your death, then it is presumed that the will was revoked. To enforce the provisions of a will, it is generally required to produce the original. Even if the provisions of a lost will are known, a court is not bound to follow those directives without the actual written document.

If a court does not accept evidence of the contents of a will when the original is lost, then it will apply the laws of intestate succession. These laws dictate to whom property will be distributed and the percentage of the estate that goes to each person. These laws may contradict with your actual wishes.

What can you do if you lose a will?
If you lose a will, then you can prepare a replacement. This can be helpful to ensure that your wishes are set forth and that everything is updated. This replacement will can revoke any prior directives, in case the lost will turns up later.

After finalizing the replacement, you will want to ensure that the original is kept in a safe, secure and known location. This will help prevent it from being lost in the future.

Fairless Hills PA estate planning lawyers can help you address issues related to a lost will and other estate planning concerns. At Olen Law Office, we strive to help our clients understand their options and to develop individualized solutions. Contact Olen Law Office for your estate planning needs.

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