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Preventing Business Problems

Most businesses are formed when family, friends or co-workers join together to create a business that they all believe in. They enjoy the benefits of business ownership — selecting staff, providing a service, working with clients and vendors, and working with each other. In the excitement of startup, they often ignore or downplay the potential for problems and the financial risks of doing business.

If you're starting a new business, talk with an experienced business lawyer at the Olen Law Office who can give you insight into the critical business areas most likely to lead to problems and disputes.

Contact us to discuss strategies for preventing business problems with a Bucks County business law attorney.

Helping Create Effective Business Strategies And Protocols

It's common at this stage for management and financial matters to be handled informally, based on mutual trust and good faith. This culture of informality often extends to dealings with other parties, like customers, vendors, landlords and suppliers. As the company grows, informality can become a significant problem.

Whether dealing with suppliers, customers, personnel or co-owners, a successful business needs to establish business protocols. These need not be cold, mechanical or inflexible, but they do need to be clear, reasonable and communicated to everyone involved.

Having established business protocol — along with comprehensive and well-crafted legal contracts — minimizes the chance of a legal dispute arising in the first place. You may be right or wrong, but fighting it out in court should be your last resort. Business litigation is expensive, unpredictable, stressful and time-consuming.

How We Can Help

  • Before problems occur: We can protect you from common, costly, yet avoidable problems with legal advice on business protocol, contracts and practical leverage strategies.
  • Once problems surface: We can help you arrive at a negotiated resolution or narrow the dispute in scope. We can assist with negotiations and explain your rights and responsibilities as a business and an employer.
  • When problems persist:
    • We can give you an estimate of the cost, duration and eventual settlement prospects should you choose to litigate your dispute.
    • We can help you pick a primary and a fall-back strategy and a budget to gauge when to hold your position and when to settle.
    • We can help you chart a strategy to achieve your goal and help you identify other sources of aid (insurance defense, identifying additional parties, identifying additional claims).
    • We can prepare your case to win from day one.

Contact Us for Dispute Resolution

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