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Protecting Your Rights Through The Creation Of Ownership Agreements

While a company's bylaws and articles of incorporation are important for regulating basic business operations, ownership agreements provide an additional level of legal protection against liability. Putting sound ownership agreements in place now can protect you later should a dispute arise.

Since most small companies begin as a small-business venture between friends, the processes for financial accounting are often not strictly regulated. As a result, when money goes missing or a company bank account is misused, all partners are exposed to legal and financial liability.

At the Olen Law Office, we work to protect our clients from legal problems and financial risks that often arise with a new business. We have assisted countless business law clients over the years in drafting ownership agreements and business contracts. We can help your company achieve its full business potential while protecting your financial bottom line from unnecessary conflict and potential business litigation, including partnership disputes and ownership disputes.

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Customizing Business Agreements to Meet Your Needs

Every business is different. In order to draft an ownership agreement that makes the most sense for your particular business partnership, attorney Elliot Mark Olen will work one-on-one with you to determine an effective strategy to protect company assets and the interests of owners and shareholders. He can help you prepare:

  • Ownership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Profit-sharing agreements
  • Voting trusts

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