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Cost-Effective Business Solutions

At the Olen Law Office, we understand the importance of the bottom line. We're a small business ourselves. That's why we're so committed to providing cost-effective business and legal solutions that add value to your company.

No one wants to win the battle but lose the war. Fairless Hills and Bucks County business attorney Elliot Mark Olen works with clients to identify the business issues that are critical for the smooth functioning of business today, as well as the issues that will be critical for their success tomorrow. Whether you need broad legal advice as you start a new business, or you need help with a specific contract problem, we can help.

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Here are a few general guidelines to consider:

Be clear

Avoid doubt by documenting what is expected of others such as:

  • Benefit coverage or expense reimbursement policies for staff
  • Delivery and progress dates for vendors
  • Payment terms for customers
  • Compensation and responsibilities of owners

Get protection against late or deficient performance, initially and under warranty.

Be fair to others

Uniform rules and treatment should be the rule. It eliminates the need for explanations in routine issues such as vacation approval, pay changes, layoffs and dismissal, and benefit coverage. It protects your company against claims for unemployment, workers' compensation and employment discrimination.

Be fair to yourself

  • If you strive for good performance for yourself, do you expect it from others? Do not become a willing victim.
  • If someone owes you money, have a contract that allows you to collect on the debt promptly.
  • If an employee is not doing his or her job, nip it in the bud.
  • If a former employee could pose a significant risk to the progress of your business, take action now with an employment contract or noncompete agreement. And don't assume that a noncompetition agreement is valid simply because it exists: special timing and other rules apply to these agreements that do not apply in other areas of contract law.
  • While co-owners often start with common views and business practices, these can diverge over time. Make sure changes in circumstances, business practices and personnel don't ruin the business. Establish business protocols and document ownership issues in an ownership or partnership agreement.

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Don't deal with problems only when they explode. Talk with a lawyer as you start and build your business. A good business attorney can help you understand how to safeguard your company's interests while meeting the challenges of today, and tomorrow.

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