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At the Olen Law Office, we assist business owners in running a successful business. Do not get caught short or behind the times without a sound and current business plan, whether you are just beginning or have been in business for years.

Since 1978, attorney Elliot Mark Olen has been offering sound legal advice and creative problem-solving to business owners. He is a well-respected authority on business law matters, as partially reflected in his varied representative matters summaries. Be ready if a key employee leaves, a partner is planning behind your back, a prime customer leaves you hanging or you just prefer certainty to "what-if."

Contact our Bucks County business planning attorney to schedule a consultation. Our clients represent all varieties of privately owned small and mid-sized businesses, nationwide and all over the world.

Accounting For All Issues In Your Business Plan

Elliot Mark Olen offers specialized legal advice that takes your business goals into account and seeks to prevent litigation down the road. He can assist you in creating a business plan that addresses:

  • Employment status: We will closely scrutinize your business needs to determine whether it better suits your needs to engage independent contractors or hire employees, and what difference it makes for tax, insurance and liability purposes. We will also closely examine your business practices to ensure that your current employees are classified properly; with written agreements and a course of practice consistent with that. Understand the different tax, insurance and general practice problems that if overlooked could lead to costly litigation and worse.
  • Limitation of liability: In cases where litigation cannot be avoided, we can minimize your exposure and maximize the pace. This can be accomplished with a variety of custom provisions.
  • Applicable law: We will carefully consider your business needs to determine what law is the most appropriate to serve your business needs.
  • Dispute resolution: It is important to consider the right dispute resolution mechanism for your future disputes. What is good for you is likely not as good for your possible opponent. How do you gain or lose from arbitration? Why? Can you risk having or waiving the right to a jury? Who pays the attorneys and filing or other dispute costs? Where will the dispute be physically decided? Does the winner get interest and if so, how much.
  • Securitization: You can protect yourself against creditors by securing your inside investment, just like outside lenders do. We can help you determine if this is a viable option for protecting your assets, given your unique business situation.

We will help you take your privately owned business to the next level of profitability and sustainability.

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